Put Money To The Side For Your Patent Fees

If you are considering filing a patent for your invention, it is important to be prepared for the patent fees. They are set by the USPTO and are subject to change at any time without notice. This means they should be verified before submission.

Patent filing fees can vary depending on the scope of your claim, if you use a patent attorney, and maintaining your patent. The fees are non-refundable even if you are rejected. They are put in place to cover the costs for processing applications.

The USPTO fee schedule can be used as a guideline of the costs associated with the patent process. These costs have turned many inventors away and looking for other means to get the project funded. Do your due diligence and be prepared.

Patent Search

Some of the first costs that you will incur will be for your patent search fees. You do have options at this point. On one end, it would be to hire a patent attorney. Or you could use the services of a patent searcher. The most cost saving way is to do it yourself. You lower your patent fees, but you risk wasting a lot of time and making mistakes.

Patent Attorney

Patent Fees Patent attorney fees are usually determined by an hourly rate or a fixed fee. For a fixed fee, you will want to agree to that before any work is to begin. The more complicated a patent is, the more the patent will cost. Hourly fees are based on the lawyer’s regular rate, which can vary depending on the lawyer’s experience. The total cost will then be determined by how much time the lawyer needs to prepare all of the documentation. 

Costs For Filing An Application

Once you have created your patent, there will be certain patent fees due when the application is filed. The costs for filing can vary depending on the size of the applicant (which ranges depending upon whether
you are an individual, a small company, or a company of over 500 people), with larger companies being charged more. Long applications are also charged extra if they are over 100 pages in length. You can check for these fees associated with the patent application process on the USPTO website.

Maintenance For Your Patent

There will be additional costs for maintaining your patent during its term. This can result in several hundred dollars in additional costs, particularly if the application is missing information that has to be added later.

Keep in mind that as many as 85% of patent applications are rejected the first time around.  You have three months to respond to this rejection by amending your claims or arguing the rejection. This can incur additional patent fees from your patent lawyer, usually charged on an hourly basis.

Once your patent is issued, you will have other patent fees in the form of maintenance fees.  They have to be paid to keep your patent from expiring. Your patent lawyer may charge you to track these fees and make sure that you pay them on time. They increase the longer your patent is active.

Use the USPTO fee schedule to forecast costs and set aside money for patent fees before submitting a patent application. Different factors will make it difficult to calculate an exact figure. Cost estimates and patent office fee schedules can help in predicting costs.