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How to File a Provisional Patent

When you have a great idea, you need to do everything you can to protect it. We’ve all heard the story of poor old Joe Blogs, who thought of the next big invention, only for somebody to steal it from underneath his very nose.

 The most common reason for idea theft is not having a […]

Requirements For Utility Patents

Utility patents are the most recognized type of patent. There protection applies to how something is made and operates from the result of human activity. It can also be from making an improvement on an old invention that produces a utilitarian result. Patent laws allow you to sue anyone who infringes on your invention without […]

Why Provisional Patents Are A Good Idea

There are times when provisional patents are the better option for inventors. When timing is of the essence and you know the patent application process will definitely take too long, just submit a provisional patent application. Once approved, your invention will be protected and assumes the designation “patent pending”. This prevents someone from stealing your […]

How To Apply For a Patent And Protect Your Inventions

Understanding how to apply for a patent, can be a complicated process, particularly if it is your first time. Most applications are rejected the first time. You will no doubt have to appeal these rejections and make amendments to your patent claim. Be very patient; as it is not uncommon for filing a patent to take up […]

Design Patents And When They Are Useful

Design patents are intended to protect the intellectual property rights on the original shape or ornamentation of an article. This type of patent protection has nothing to do with the function or utilitarian features. The gist of a design patent application must be in relation to the configuration or the surface arrangement. It can even […]

Do I Need A Patent Law Attorney?

Applying for a patent requires a complete understanding of the laws, codes, and regulations that encompass patent law. The patent application has been rated by some as the most difficult legal document to decipher. You do have the option to patent it yourself where you risk wasting time and making major mistakes. A better route […]

Put Money To The Side For Your Patent Fees

If you are considering filing a patent for your invention, it is important to be prepared for the patent fees. They are set by the USPTO and are subject to change at any time without notice. This means they should be verified before submission. Patent filing fees can vary depending on the scope of your […]

Breaking Down The Patent Application Process

When filing a patent, there are three major steps in the patent application process. Initially you want to do a patent search to ensure no one has beaten you to the punch. Secondly, you want to submit the completed application. This should entail you retaining a patent attorney or agent. Third, the patent office will […]